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mardi, 10 juin 2014

Blouge, c'est bien blouge



Après le bal, Ramon Casas y Carbo



Text by Maya Kodeih Harmanani, 2014


He stuck his blade in her flesh and twisted it in.
He watched the red stains
As her blood flooded out of her body
Following a path down to the white sheets.

He was madly in love with her,
Intoxicated by the smell of her blood,
and the sight of her soul draining from her body.
He felt he owned her and was shivering from ecstasy.

She lay on the bed, asleep,
Feeling the pain throbbing, but wouldn’t wake.
She needed his pains, his pleasurable pains.
She felt he owned her and was shivering in agony.

As he gave his blade another thrust,
Carving deeper into her
Causing another flow of blood,
She remained silent.

Her mouth was unable to scream,
Her mind unable to wake,
Mesmerized in a deep sleep,
Thinking the pain was part of her dream.

She was madly in love with him.
She dreamt of their first kiss.
She tasted blood in her mouth,
And let go …

She remained in her dream,
Looking down on herself
Drowning in red stained sheets,
Tasting her blood,
Feeling his kiss.


¤     ¤      ¤      ¤


PS : this text is about women abuse.


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