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mardi, 23 juin 2015

Shopping for clothes any soon ?

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Go for high-end brands ?

Source : https://hbr.org/2015/04/wearing-luxury-brands-makes-you-s...

You’re interviewing two people for a job. They’re equally competent, capable, and qualified—but you can see that one is wearing an outfit from H&M and the other’s clothes are clearly from Louis Vuitton. Which candidate will you hire?

A new study in the Journal of Business Research suggests you’re more likely to choose the latter. [...] 150 observers watched a video of a woman being interviewed for an internship. Three versions of the video were used, again identical except for the logo on the woman’s shirt. The observers rated the woman on a number of characteristics, but this time they also judged her suitability for the job and the pay she should receive. Observers of the luxury logo rated the woman most suitable for the job, again with significantly higher status and wealth ratings. The luxury observers also thought she deserved the highest compensation. Asked to choose her hourly pay from five ranges, over half of luxury observers chose one of the top two ranges—far greater than the 12% of non-luxury observers and 10% of no-logo observers who did the same.





Or keep it desperately basic ?

Source : http://adage.com/article/agency-news/creative-explains-we...

"The reason I started with the outfit came from that exact expectation, that I as a woman have some kind of innate urge to dress up and to always want to look my best. Maybe I'm alone in feeling this way, but when it comes to work days, I rarely feel like putting my outfit in the spotlight. I obviously want to look professional and approachable, but I have so many work-related issues to focus on that what I'm wearing falls far down on my list of priorities. [...]

I honestly believe I have my work outfit to thank for some of my best work, so in that sense, it's been pretty incredible. But I guess that's more of an inner journey than an extraordinary event. I did however hear a pretty funny story just a few days ago. A friend at work told me that my previous VP at Y&R had come to her a few years ago and been seriously concerned about my well-being after having seen me wearing the same clothes week after week. So worried in fact that she had been working to get me a raise so that I could afford to start dressing properly."




Videos to be seen :
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http://imgur.com/gallery/crfmpol                                 http://imgur.com/gallery/2F2JnN4


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