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mercredi, 15 octobre 2014

Armstrong aged 8, 9, 11

kit armstrong, église


Mozart Concerto 24

"Here's the gifted pianist Kit Armstrong at nine years of age playing his first Mozart Concerto with an orchestra. I had invited him to play Mozart's A Major Concerto based on a performance I heard at Music Teachers' Association of California Convention in July of that year. Three weeks before this posted performance he asked to play the c minor Concerto - complete with his own cadenza mind you - instead. So here it is - on a program series titled "KIDS PLAY THE DARNDEST THINGS". I'm sure you will enjoy it. Fasten your seatbelt....(His teacher and coach for this performance was Dr. Mark Sullivan in Long Beach, Ca - Bravo!)"

BIO: Kit Armstrong (born March 5, 1992 in California) is an American classical pianist and composer. At 10 he had composed more than 15 works, graduated from Los Alamitos High School, and attended university. At 12 he studied at the Curtis Institute of Music, the Royal Academy of Music and the Imperial College in London. He also attended the Chapman University in California, USA. In 2008 he was a co-winner of The ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Awards.




Bach Concerto in D Minor

Third movement allegro... Kit Armstrong has performed with the Miami International Piano Festival 3 times. This performance from 2000 when he was 8 is not ours but Mr. Armstrong has given permission to post it.




Beethoven Tempest Sonata

The first movement of the "tempest" sonata:Largo allegro. This is a live performance from the Miami International Piano Festival 2004.





Chopin Etude Op25 N°7

Frederic Chopin Etude Op. 25 No. 7 live from Miami International Piano festival.





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