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mardi, 16 décembre 2014

Etymologie - Snack


Avis aux rôdeurs sur les marchés de Noël,
amateurs de hot dog de Noël


new york, hot dog, michael Roussel
New York, crédits photographiques Michaël Roussel



Snack, selon le Collins :


     a light quick meal eaten between or in place of main meals
     a sip or bite
     (rare) a share
     (Australian, informal) a very easy task


     (intransitive) to eat a snack

word of origin

     probably from Middle Dutch snacken, variant of snappen to snap


     light meal, bite, refreshment(s), nibble, titbit, bite to eat, elevenses
     eat between meals, graze, nibble

in French



Snack, selon l'Oxford :


     A small amount of food eaten between meals:
     not many people make it through to the evening meal without a snack
     A light meal that is eaten in a hurry or in a casual manner:
     bar snacks are served at lunchtime
     Australian informal A thing that is easy to accomplish:
     It’ll be a snack
     It's a snack being a kid these days


      Eat a snack:
      she likes to snack on yogurt

      The report also found that nine out of ten people snacked,
      and many replaced meals with ‘grazing’ on foods
      often dangerously high in saturated fat


      Middle English (originally in the sense 'snap, bite'):
      from Middle Dutch snac(k), from snacken 'to bite', variant of snappen.
      Senses relating to food date from the late 17th century.



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